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JML Mainframe Consulting

JML Mainframe Consulting is a New Jersey based company that was created to provide high quality Technical Consulting Support and Services for z/OS, DB2, CICS, IDMS, IMS, ISV products and COBOL running on the Mainframe. JML has over thirty three years in experience utilizing Mainframe technology.

Technical Support: 

Offering 24 x 7 trouble-shooting support. This includes but not limited to applying fixes, contacting vendors (IBM, CA, etc), DASD/SMS changes, I/O Gens and changing system parameters to resolve issues quickly and accurately.

Technical Services: 

Provide technical services consulting in z/OS, DB2, CICS, IDMS, IMS, DASD Management/SMS, Hardware
configurations (HCD/HCM/HMC),    ISV products (ACF2, FDR ,CA-1, CA-11, etc) and COBOL for installations, migrations, performance & tuning, maintenance, and customization. 


JML Mainframe Consulting, LLC
8 Pendleton Court
Annandale, NJ, 08801


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